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Terahertz Technology

Cell Function Support

Gold and Silver Ionic Exchange

Blue & Red Light Therapy

Science & Stones

Zhang, Jun et al. “Advances of terahertz technology in neuroscience: Current status and a future perspective.” iScience vol. 24,12 103548. 3 Dec. 2021, doi:10.1016/j.isci.2021.103548

Amini, Tahereh et al. “A Review of Feasible Applications of THz Waves in Medical Diagnostics and Treatments.” Journal of lasers in medical sciences vol. 12 e92. 30 Dec. 2021, doi:10.34172/jlms.2021.92

Effects of Terahertz Radiation on Living Cells: a Review

Lapis Lazuli

Only Wand On The Market With All 7 Chakra Stones


Only Wand On The Market With Cool Setting - avoiding burns and metal implants


Only Wand On The Market With 4 Speed High Powered Motor


Only Wand On The Market Promote Cell Healthy Cells


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Premier Health Technology


Only Wand On The Market Improves The Symptoms Of Neurological Defects

Optional Motorized Stand

Elevate your Terahertz and frequency experience with the AO Infinity Wand Stand! The AO Infinity Wand Stand allows you to use your AO Infinity Wand for more extended periods and at angles that would be hard to attain. It is easy to assemble and move. You will want this stand at your home and practice for convenient use of the wand.

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Additional Features

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Infinity Collection
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Infinity Wand

Infinity Wand

$1,254.75 USD

Uncover the potential of the Infinity Wand. Ideal for individuals in search of divine healing grace.

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Infinity Wand w/Stand

Infinity Wand w/Stand

$1567.25 USD

Experience the capabilities of the Infinity Wand. Effortlessly achieve mastery with the oscillating motor stand.

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Infinity Wand

Infinity Wand

$322.50 USD

A beautifully crafted stand designed to complement any Terahertz Wand. Wand not included.

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